How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?


7 Steps: How to write a Professional CV for you Big job in UAE? 2021 Complete Guide (live examples & 3 free CV templates!)

How to Write a CV with no writing experience, fast & easy.

Imagine if you could make one simple tweak to your CV that will bring your career into the next level or get you the job you’ve always been looking for!
What if there were 7 tweaks can be followed by 7 easy steps that secure you a job interview, impress your interviewer and land you on the job that you deserve.
Good news for you, that’s exactly what I am going to share with you in the easy to follow post:
7 insanely practical steps to write a CV for UAE. let’s get started!

how to write professional cv and covering letter for jobs in uae - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

How to write a professional CV?

Writing a Professional CV is your first step in your job hunting preparation. Today I will show you how to write a winning CV, not just any type of CV, but a Winning CV that will impress your Recruiters, HR, and Employers in Dubai and Entire UAE.

Professional CV writing can be an intimidating task to do, however, you’ll find in this Complete Professional CV writing guide how to draft a well-written resume for Job applications.

Does Professional CV writing help?

in order to answer that question need to understand why it’s important to even write a CV. The answer is simple, your CV is who you are.

A Professionally written CV reflects a good everlasting first impression about you, and it’s your first key contact with your employer for job hunting or even promotion.

So you are what you put on your CV, it says a lot about you. A professional CV is your personal sales brochure, you have on your CV your qualities your values and your skills.

Now you understand why your Resume is so important it’s time for preparing a CV that takes you a step closer to landing your dream job.

So why do you need to write a CV?

Everyone needs a CV whether you’re applying for a new job online, or you’re applying for a job through word of mouth. You need to write a CV.

Your first point of contact with your prospective employer is through a CV. You need to understand those first impressions are lasting ones. Your CV is usually your first expression with a potential employer. CVs are like first dates so put some work into a professional cv writing. 

On another hand nowadays the competition is high in the job market. Your degree is not enough to get you your dream job securing employment in the 21st-century job market.

Which means that you will be competing for a single job with at least a few dozen other highly qualified people. So make sure you are fit for the job and you can only show a prospective employer that will fit through your CV.

Now when you look at low-quality CVs you realize that they don’t get the attention. Mostly good people miss out on great opportunities not because they don’t have a CV but because they don’t have a winning CV. So let’s dive right into how we can get you to have a winning CV and get you hired very quick.

cvs vs resumes - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?CVs Vs Resumes

So oftentimes when people start looking for a job they contemplate between writing a CV or a resume. So let’s quickly look at what a CV is and what it means.

One of the very common differences is that you find people in the UK use and CV and people in America referring to that document like a resume.

But when you look at the CV closely you find that it’s usually designed to showcase more of academic achievement whereas the resume is designed to show skills and experience.

The CV would mostly be used when applying for faculty positions and for grants and then the resume will be used to apply for non-academic jobs.

Again when you look at the CV it ranges from a page of say, for example, two to four whereas the resume can be one to two pages, while  Resume is actually shorter.

Nowadays it doesn’t matter CVs VS Resume and which one you use as they are used interchangeably most of the time. Either you chose a CV writing or Resume writing, the results should be the same.

As a job seeker all you need to think about what you’re trying to sell to the prospective employer. And so if you are trying to get a job or you’re trying to showcase your academic achievement then you might want to go with a CV formula.

But if not if you’re trying to show your skills and if you’ve got more experience than maybe academic achievement then you might go with a resume.

But None is right or wrong, nowadays CV & Resume are used Reciprocally of each other. Our advice to you is to stick to a CV Format for Dubai as it actually able to absorb all the things that you would have on a resume. The conventional CV writing has changed now, most important is putting something together that you think will sell you properly.

layout cv template dubai uae - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?What does a CV layout look like?

First of all, let’s have a look at the layout of a Professional CV, Every CV should have the following layout:

  1. Personal details.
  2. Personal Statement/Career Objective Or CV Headline.
  3. Career Summary & Core Competencies.
  4. Work Experience.
  5. Education & Training.
  6. Soft & Hard Skills
  7. Hobbies & References.

tips help - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?Q&A: How to write a CV with no working Experience or if you’re a Fresh graduate? Now work experience and education could be changed. So if you haven’t worked before you haven’t got enough work experience you’re better off putting that at the bottom and then move in the education part to the top.

Personal Details:

Your Name: I’d urge you to write your name as it is in any identification that you would be taken to an interview. Don’t use names that other people know you by Pet or Nicknames that you are called by your family. Use the name in your government documents so you’d usually have.

Check out our Guide to Professional CV format for UAE

tips2 300x83 - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?Tip: Some job seekers put the “CV” on the top of the CV which is weird. It’s just like writing a book on a book so you don’t want to go writing CV on a CV! It would be very obvious to any recruiter when the hand or when they are holding a CV with them.

Email Address: Now our urge you to create a new email address if the one that you have is probably one of those old ones you created when you went college. And so you’d have very funny names and you know 666 Illuminati at yahoo dot com. You don’t want things like that it doesn’t look professional.

Create a new email address that matches with your name or part of it and keep it professional. for example Dr. McCarthy at yahoo dot com. Remember Your CV is supposed to sell you.

Telephone No: write down your telephone number with the international code. Now if you have two or three different numbers out urge you to put the number that you know you’re most

likely to pay if you’ve got two different numbers and you put them both you have to make sure that you’re always on alert when the phone rings.

Current Address: mention the City and Emirate, for example, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE or Dammam, KSA.

quick tip - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?CV Do & Don’ts for CV writing: Unfortunately, some people deem it very necessary to put a bit more information and their personal details so they might put things like they might have the status they might put things like their religion they might put things like sometimes date of birth. We don’t recommend doing so because most serious recruiters will not be looking at that. Keep it in mind as it’s important for how to write a CV.

Sometimes there are also unknown age ranges that recruiters will not put in the advertisements so they might be looking for people who are 30 and above. And so when you put your date of birth on there you go through a street of elimination even before you know your CV is right through.

Remember that it takes about 20 seconds for somebody to just skim through your CV and decide if they want to see you or not.  I want you to eliminate all the things that would allow recruiters & employers in UAE to eliminate you even before the time comes for an interview.

Languages: State languages you speak. If the current or prospective employer is looking for somebody who knows how to speak another international a second international language then you should write it down.

is work experience important - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?Work Experience

Professional CV writing secret lays within the importance of employment experience. So why is it important to even have your work experience written up properly?

It’s the only thing that actually tells a prospective employer that you gain some experience from working. So when you’re writing up the work experience you just need to list the last three recent jobs that you’ve had. So if for example, you’ve worked in six different places there’s no need to put on six Unless of course you have some jobs that you deem more important than others based on the experience that you are able to get or based on the brand or the reputation of the particular company organization you worked for.

How to write a CV that is up-to-date yet meaning? for that, you need to limit your past work experience to previous three companies, if you’ve got five. Choose the most recent ones for CV Writing because people will judge you based on what you’ve done recently not what you’ve done in the past so you list the last three recent jobs that you’ve had.

You also need to use bullet points when you’re writing out that particular column. It makes it easy for someone to read and it makes you look very organized. So putting down the details make sure you put down the name of a company that dates work of a company and then, of course, your duties when you’re writing your duties.

Choose at least three key duties that you had and write them down. For example, if you work in a bank and you’re a cashier you cannot write I do all the cashiering job as a duty. So handling all cashiering jobs. And then right below right and taking deposits do withdrawals, I mean all of those things constitute the cashiering job. And so you’ve got to find duties that are actually very different from each other.

Now  understand that your work experience is very important to improving the prospective employer that

you have worked before and you have some experience.


Place your Education, Credentials, and training right after your employment experience. Every job seekers must have an education on their CV.

What you need to do is to write down your last two education. So if you just come from maybe your senior secondary school and then to university or college it’s best to write your last two or your most recent There’s no point writing where you went to school when you were a child.

What matters to the recruiter is who you are. Remember to write the full name of the school you’re writing the dates that you attended the school and then any significant traits that you think is going to add value to your CV. You put all those on or under the education column in your professional CV.

soft skills in professional cv writing - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?Skills (Soft & Hard)

So when it comes to the skills column you need to write down your skills as a rule of thumb. I advise my participants to always choose about four so four key skills you can have three soft skills and one hard skill. The soft skill is basically things you need to be able to interact to succeed at work whereas the hard skill is the skill you need to do a particular job.

Example of hard skill: If you’re an I.T. professional you need to be skilled and use to maybe Excel PowerPoint and Ms-Word also make sure all the skills she put there are directly aligned to you.

Example of Soft Skill: So how many words you can type per minute in Ms-Word is a soft skill.

Be honest with yourself first here. Because what usually happens if you just copy and paste skills that you’ve seen anything interesting when you go into the interview room and asked questions that recruiter will be able to tell if indeed you are skilled in these areas or not. Learn how to write a cv that presents your hard and soft skill in good manners.

So make sure that any skill that you put on there is actually a skill that reflects who you are. So I share a list of acceptable skills that you can actually go through and then pick what you think

really relates to you. 

remember - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?Remember: the idea is not for you to just fill up your CV with full skills and qualities but you’ve got to make sure that whatever you put on there is what you are. So even if it’s just one skill you think you have to be very honest and put that skill there.

Hobbies and Interests

As a previous recruiter, I prefer to use Interests instead of hobbies for Professional CV writing, why? Hobbies sound slightly informal and make it seem like it’s just something you do when you don’t have anything to do. But when you lose interest sounds like something you have time and it sounds almost the same you’re developing it from just having that particular activity.

So this is optional and it’s often used to fill up space if you have any. Do you know the interesting part about having an interest or hobby in your CV?

It gives the recruiter a picture more rounded about you and also gives you the opportunity to have a lot to discuss during the interview.

For example if what interests you write that you’d like to research into scientific activities or scientific books that are of interest that is quite rare so it gives you to ask questions based on that, don’t mind things that are very common or things that almost everyone seems to remember you’re trying to get yourself hired quickly so you don’t go writing.

Instead of saying: I love watching movies and listening to music. Mention what type of music you like listening to if it’s reading what you like, mention the type of books you like.

So if you like gardening mention what types of plant types of flowers it actually gives the recruiter the idea of who you really are and you convince them that those are real interests of yours, not just anything you put on your CV.

warning - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?Remember: that that particular segment of your CV is also important to the recruiter. So they will ask you questions about it. Go prepared with the right answers. It will be very unfortunate for you not to know of the different types of books in a particular genre of books that you claim to read. So make sure you polish up before you go for the interview. faking skill while Professional CV writing will put you in an embarrassing position later.


I always advise job seekers not to mention the detailed references in their Resume. Just a just write reference available upon request.

The main reason why you should do so is that once you put the name of your reference where you’re actually putting the phone number the address and where the work.

Now those are personal details and you don’t want to distribute people’s personal details to companies who might not even hire you.

I would suggest you to just write reference available upon request any interested or prospective employer would ask you for the specific names and addresses.

And remember that also gives you the opportunity to now inform your references that they might be contacted by a particular company instead of just giving things out and not being sure when they will even be contacted.

Also, remember that you cannot use family members as references. So people who are related by blood they will be very biased when they’re called to give testimony about you.

Limit your References Only when asked for college professors colleagues or ex-colleagues or people that you’re in the same group of the association will do


This brings us to the end of the layout of a winning professional CV writing tutorial. Now I hope that all the different segments you’ve spoken about have segments that you have things to fill up your CV.

Remember to go by the tips that I’ve given you because that’s exactly what recruiters are looking for. I also want you to remember that it’s not enough to just write a CV.

You want your CV to be the Professional Winning CV. Imagine if you have about 200 CVs in front of you. You’ve got to now ask yourself what makes your CV different from the other one hundred ninety-nine. The good news is I’ve already told you what you can do for your professional CV writing, to be that one person that stands out Out of the 200 CVs

Below  case study to show you step by step how to write a CV for UAE with free Samples, Templates & Examples!

how to write personal information for professional resume cv uae - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

Step 1: Personal Details

How to state your personal details and professional & clear manner?

You know First impression last forever!, this is the exact moment where the HR or employer could pick your CV and call you or just discard your job application altogether.

Studies have shown HR spend on your CV 6 seconds as an average, use this 6 seconds to send the right image about yourself!

  • Resume Dos
  • First and Last Name
  • Professional Photo
  • Simple Address
  • Direct Contact No.
  • Professional email
  • Professional Social Networks
  • Resume Don'ts
  • Nicknames
  • Unclear Old photos
  • Full mailing address
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Unprofessional email
  • Irrelevant social media profiles

Step 2: Career Objective / CV Headline

What kind of job position are you looking for?

Career Objective / CV Headline: is a short statement sometimes that expresses your career goal. Employers hunt for it on the high top of a resume the primary item right after your name and phone information. Objectives will vary from generic to specific from a couple of words to many sentences, some professional CV writers argue that’s not necessary, however we recommend it for professional CV writing in UAE.

  1. .If you’re a Job Seeker: make sure to write clearly what kind of job are you looking for in you CV headline.
  2. If you’re looking for a promotion: Emphasis on your over all years of experience and the position you’re interested in and finally most importantly what are you willing to give back to company in terms of business relations or proven records of excellent clients’ success. remember make your CV headline short and clear.

Example: ___xxxx?____ position where excellent supervisory, communication, and problem solving skills can be utilized.

how to write career objective for cv - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?
how to write career summary core competencies cv - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

Step 3: Career Summery & Core Skills

How to correctly sum up your years of employment history and to highlight your core competencies and skills?

Career Summary: A career sum up of your qualifications and positive attributes that will be useful to the hiring employer in UAE. it’s catered to the requirements of the position you’re applying for. A career summary is appropriate for job seekers with 2 or more than employment experiences. It provides the hiring manager an opportunity to quickly undergo your profile and understand the keywords or skills relevant to the position they’re trying to fill. it’s a summary of your relevant accomplishments that can assist you to match the qualifications the company is looking for.

Core Competencies are the skills and talents you’ve developed for past years of working experience. for example, a Secretary can write one of her core competencies to type 50 words per minute, while a retail manager can mention his skill in visual merchandising and so on.

the example on the left will give you a clear example of how to write your career summary and core competencies for upcoming jobs in UAE.


Step 4: Current/Previous job title & responsibilities

How to write meaning full and powerful short key responsibilities of your job?

Current or Previous Job title is a very common term that describes in a few words position held by a worker. counting on the work, a job title will describe the extent of the position or the responsibilities of the person holding the position.

3 Easy Steps:

Along with your key responsibility of the current and previous job you can draft a professional CV by the following steps with CV example on your on your right side follow this easy steps:

  1. Add your Current Job title or last position you’ve held.
  2. Mention the year of when you’ve started working and the year you have resigned. If presently you still working at the same job mention it as for example 2010 to Present.
  3. List the tasks and duties and responsibilities in short sentences starting by the most important tasks.
  4. Repeat the same steps from 1 to 3 with previous jobs.

Important: Not too much past! If you’re further along in your career, keep the details of your jobs history limited to the past 15 years for your professional CV writing.

current and previous job title cv writing - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?
cv writing education credentials traning certificates achievments - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

Step 5: Education & Training

How to list your Education, Credentials, Training, Certificates & Achievements?

Education: list your highest degrees first, along with School’s name and location followed by Degree & Date for example:

B.A., Business Management, May 20XX
Sycamore University, Sonoma, California
GPA 3.75

When you still haven’t finished your studies or your education in the process:

Bachelor of Arts, degree anticipated May 20XX
State College, Hamilton, Virginia
Current GPA 3.72

Training: you can mention the vocational and most recent training first followed by the name of institute or company, location and year.

Certificates: it follows the same writing method of training.

Achievements: List your awards proudly! and fear not to talk to them with your interviewers with confidence!


Step 6: Skills & References

How to write a CV with highlighted personal skill and References?

As we almost reached the final steps about how to write a CV for UAE, there are a few points you need to make sure it’s listed correctly in your CV such as:

Computer Skills: Most important skills that are related to the job or promotion you’re applying for.

Languages: Mention with fluency level either as Native, Fluent, Good or just basics.

Note: Do not embarrass yourself to claim a language you don’t speak as your interviewer my speak that language and it might look as if you’re lying or deceiving! many candidates do this little honest mistake, but now you’re a professional CV writer and you know what to do and what not!

Personal details or hobbies: we recommend NOT to mention them, however if you insist to do so please stay away from strange hobbies like snake and scorpions collection or some extreme right or left political or religious organization as you might put yourself in a very discriminatory & risky position, this is a must when you consider to write a CV by yourself.

Professional References: if you have any you can mention them, but if you’re still not sure who to put just put it down: “Available upon request

computer skills languages professional refrences for cv uae - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?
uae cv format for jobs dubai - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

Step 7: Grammar & Format

How to format CV for UAE to look professional & appealing?

Congratulations!! Now you’re a professional CV writer and you can impress your interviewer with your new solid CV, just make sure of 3 things:

  1. Grammar: Check, Check & Check, it’s so important to be sure that you use correct grammar and full sentences that make perfect sense to your interviewer or employer.
  2. Spellings: Edit, Edit & Edit, it’s imperative that you correct your CV and document from all spellings mistakes, with nowadays word editing application like ms-word it’s easier than ever.
  3. Format: it’s import your CV format be presented the certain region or country you’re living in or applying for a job; in this case, it’s the United Arab Emirates. for this just make sure your CV is clean and you’re following a simple and clean design CV format for UAE.

Bonus CV Tip: for your CV grammar we recommend a very handy & free grammar tool that can do all the corrections on your behalf so easily. Grammarly


Bonus: How to write a Cover Letter?

Free Cover letter Template included for you.

what is covering letter? Cover Letter is a tactful letter that you write and submit along with your CV and document, greeting your potential employer and talking about yourself and general details about your career history and educational background, most importantly why you wish to join the company or to hold the new job vacancies or in some cases why the employer should promote you!

We provide you a free covering letter template sample you can fill out your details and amend it to your use and need accordingly to the job or position you’re applying for.

Now you know how to write a CV and you can read check here how to write a covering letter for job application in UAE. Well done!

covering letter format for uae dubai abu dahbi emirates - How to write a CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

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