How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free Templates

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how to write a cover letter 300x201 - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesHow to Write a Cover Letter: 2020 UAE’s Complete Guide for Cover letter format.

Professional Cover letters format are important in UAE, I remember when I was a recruiter I have spoken with other recruiters and some of my colleagues who said the cover letter is critical, It’s the thing that I read to see if this candidate is a good fit versus somebody who didn’t write a good cover letter.

So what you’re going to find here is a way how to write a cover letter that draws the attention of HRs, Recruiters & employers in Dubai & UAE, a Great cover letter that wins you a good interview!

I will show you how to write a cover letter that is meaningful and that doesn’t take you a ton of time because you can put your valuable time somewhere, like job hunting and writing a good CV.

Every time you send your CV to a company, especially if you send it online and you’re not sure who’s going to read that CV, so you always want to send a cover letter with that CV. Why? Because the cover letter is meant to introduce who you are and why you are interested in the role. It should also have some of the best skills that this company and this role consider important. Ideally, the cover letter should also feel personal.

what to know - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesWhat is a Cover Letter?

While your actual resume or CV can be very technical and to the point about certain things about your career, covering letter is not, A cover letter is a tactful a personal conversation with your potential employers & interviewers so they get a sense of what your personality is, and what Your fit can be within the organization. Then it should end with a statement that is something in the direction of  “looks forward to talking to you” and then finish this sentence.

Free Cover Letter Format Samples & Tempaltes are included at the end of this article for your perosnal use. Download UAE Sample Cover letter

write cover letter for winning interview 300x200 - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesHow to write a cover a letter for a job application?

A successful cover letter format starts with your name, address, and date. That just gives them an idea of who they’re talking to and where you live. Then you start with  “Dear Sir or Madame” or if you wish to make a gender-neutral then just mention “Dear Hiring manager” The reason I started more generally is that I’m not necessarily sure who the different people are who might read this cover letter, so you’d like to have a pretty generic introduction that’s still respectful. Then I mention that I am interested in your opening for a BIM coordinator.

The reason why you mention that is that now the person who’s reading the cover letter, particularly if they’re not the hiring manager will realize that you have customized this cover letter for the position that they’re advertising for. so feel free to use any statements you see fit. Then you go on to say “while I have a deep background in ____mention your current Position____and working with all team members as one unit to bring the best performance and productivity, it’s the opportunity for me to work with a firm like ____then you mention the firm’s name___, that intrigues me.”

how to write impressive covering letter 300x229 - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesHow write a cover letter to impresses everyone who reads it?

It’s at this point where you need to mention something positive about the firm. Something that you’ve liked about their work. Now, most firms will have their own webpage, so you can go out, take a look at some of the other work that they’ve done, and even if you know very little about the firm there’s a good chance you can find a project there that you can relate to. Something that you’ve worked on similarly, or you would like to work with. At that point, you should mention it. In my case you should say “I have always wanted to work on projects similar to your Chalhoub group new luxury retails project, and I have a passion for guiding projects through to see the final product, taking pride in that part of the project and team success.”

cv format tips and tricks - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesSmart Tip: I got my dream job at  Emirates Airlines in Dubai a few years back due to a very simple Strategy, I mentioned the name Emirates Group CEO H.H Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum during my interview and how I admire and respect him. How I did that? I had no idea about the Emirates Group or him.  so I googled the company and did some research. I did my homework so should you!

See, that’s part of the personal story. I’m trying to connect with the individual that’s reading this by saying that I take pride in my work, saying that these are the kinds of projects I enjoy doing, matching up the projects that I know that firm does, with the kind of projects that I enjoy doing. That makes the person that’s reading the cover letter feel like I might be good for the position because I have a personal passion for the kind of work that they do. Also, the things that I enjoy about going through a project are also some of the things that the people that I’ll be working with actually enjoy about going through a project. Now you know perfectly how to write a cover letter that wow your employers & interviewers in Dubai and Entire United Arab Emirates.

handshake job interview dubai uae 300x200 - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesThe Bite: How to write a cover letter that gets you hired immediately?

Why we should hire you? your potential employers in UAE will always ask the same question, there are many qualified candidates with a perfect resume for the current job so why you? Now write a cover letter That makes you a good fit personality-wise within the organization. So if you can convey that within the cover letter that’s important. Then you start to have to hit on those skill values that they can make use of. for example, that’s the reason why you should mention “in my career I’ve performed Majid Al Futtaim coordination” and go on and start to talk about in just a fairly small paragraph some of the high points that are related to this very specific role that you want to fill. Also, I go into some of the more minute details of what it is that I can bring to the organization as well.

In the paragraph that starts with “I can bring to the company is a strong knowledge of the IBM process and a background in a wide variety of design disciplines.” And you continue on from there. This is saying if you hire me this is the value that I bring to the organization.

successful interview invitation dubai abudhab uae 300x200 - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesHow to write a cover letter Closing Statment that lead to an interview invitation?

And then finally, you end up by saying “I invite you to examine my resume, and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,” your name and then your phone number.

That’s your contact information. You’re saying reach out to me, this is the value that I’ve presented. You’re the kind of organization that I want to work for. You work on the kind of projects that I’m interested in, and I have a lot of the same values that you have. This isn’t just a stagnant cover letter saying (robotically) I am interested in the role that you’re providing. Please take a look at my resume and consider my skills. (normally) That’s the kind of cover letter that anybody sends in. You want to connect to each of the individuals who might read this cover letter so that they feel that you may be a good organizational fit for their teams and that specific role.

what to know - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesHow to use a covering letter correctly?

Now, you’ve compiled all your info together and created the perfect resume. Now all you have to go along with it’s a well-formatted cover letter. All you have to do next is the following:

By email:

  1. Compose a new email and fill the sender and receiver details
  2. Make the cover letter as the body of your email.
  3. Put your CV as an attachment.
  4. press Sent.

By hand-to-hand (Printed):

Make certain you choose white or ivory-coloured paper to showcase everything you’ve to provide to your future employer. Ensure as you go along in making your cover letter format, you maintain your info simplified, and to the stage. It is crucial to restrict your cover letter to one page.

Tips: Finally layout a Cover Letter format For CV?

Font Type: Constantly draft your covering letter by using common and normal fonts. Make sure you stay away from unusual and fancy fonts. By keeping things simple you’re making this easier on the employer’s eye. The more conventional fonts include Times, Bookman, Arial, Palatino, and Souvenir.

Font Size: the body of the covering letter must not exceed more 12 points as font size. The Cover letter format font should never go below 10. Though, your covering letter header could be bigger, usually around 1 or 2 points higher than your covering letter body. Try to avoid the usage of more than one font type and styles, pick one and stick with it.

Highlighting: You may highlight specific significant details of the letter with Bold, Italic and CAPITALIZED LETTERS.

Bold fonts consistently are darker and heavier and bring some life to a solid cover letter format. But Don’t overdo it as you will lose the potency of highlighting specific factors that need attention.

warning tips - How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Jobs in UAE: 2020 Free TemplatesWarning: Avoid using all caps and underlining, Only do it if you want to use it in the Cover letter headings. Should you choose to do so, use very carefully. Researchers have shown emphasizing and capitalizing whole words, could slow or stop the eye while reading.

CAPTAIZLING LETTERS SOUND AS IF YOU’RE SHOUTING! You do not want this. You want the employer to be fascinated by what you’ve written, not wanting to throw the cover letter instantly in the trash. This will kill all your efforts to impress your potential employers in the UAE with a professional cover letter format.

It’s always clever to avoid italic type. Utilize Italic is most frequently in publications to concentrate on a word or phrase. It isn’t clever to do that in your cover letter.

White Space & Margins: Use generous margins, because these have a tendency to break up the cover letter, giving this a clean, uncluttered appearance. It’s vital to avoid hyphens at any cost.  Hyphens have a tendency to break up words, leading to breaking up the flow. You will disturb your potential employers’ eyes.


Keep it simple, keep one style and stick with it the cover letter format. That ensures a top best results, maintain it simple, keep one style and stick with its sections as stated above.

Just find a simple Cover Letter format, clean looking and go ahead with it.

Download UAE Sample Cover letter

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