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As Professional CV & Resume Writers in UAE, we bring to you over 20 years of experience in UAE’s Market demands! Our team has both Experience & Knowledge to bring the Best of You, by drafting your CV so professionally that will leave an everlasting first impression!

  • We Are Creative Team
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Why CV Writing Services Why ?

What is the need for Professional CV writing Services in Dubai?

Your CV is the very First Lasting Impression – studies proven – when an HR or an interviewer comes across your CV or Resume.

HRs Receive 100s of CV on a Daily basis, Make it or break it! you have only 6 seconds for the HR to screen and select your CV or they’ll pass to next capable more compatible Candidate with well-written CV, that is easy for them to navigate, read and reflect your experience with Confidence.

With Professional CV Writing Service in UAE, you’re rest assured knowing the fact you have a Professional CV that you can Out-stand any other job seeker or competition.

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0 to 2 years Experience


Professional CV Writing
Professional Covering Letter (+100)
Post Interview Thank-You letter
Post Interview Follow-Up letter
Unlimited revision & Review
1 year Free support
Delivered in 2 days


2 to 10 years Experience


Professional CV Writing
Professional Covering Letter (+100)
Post Interview Thank-You letter
Post Interview Follow-Up letter
Unlimited revision & Review
1 year Free support
Delivered in 3 days


10 to 25 years Experience


Professional CV Writing
Professional Covering Letter (+100)
Post Interview Thank-You letter
Post Interview Follow-Up letter
Unlimited revision & Review
1 year Free support
Delivered in 4 days

Best CV writing service in Dubai

What are our guidelines for Professional CV Writing in UAE ?

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How we Write Professional CV for UAE?


Proceeding from out principle of professionalism and transparency we lay-down to you our guidelines of resume Dos and Don’ts while writing a CV for UAE and what are our Professional CV writers follow to ensure best standards and practices are followed while drafting your Professional Resume.

Starting off what is a CV?

A CV is the abbreviation form the Latin Curriculum Vitae that reflects a brief summary of an individual’s career aspirations and growth, qualifications, and skills. It is used the world over for recruiters to get an initial glimpse of a job seeker’s credentials.

Write your Professional CV like a Recruiter


Our Professional CV writers in UAE put in their minds what is the perspective of the recruiters, employers, HR managers & decision makers while drafting your CV.

The Problem lays in the fact they’re receiving hundreds of CV daily to screen and select the right candidates for the currently available vacancies and you to make their hideous task even harder is the last thing you need to do!

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why cv writing so important in uae - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

Success elements of a  Professional CV


Jobs in Dubai is a premier job site based in Dubai having an association with over 150,000 companies located across different Emirates in the UAE. Offering the best professional CV writing service in Dubai based on the expertise and skills, that’s why we know what to include and exclude while writing a professional CV.

One study found recruiters spend almost 80% of their resume review time on the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Current Title / Company
  3. Previous Title / Company

Why CV Writing is Important?


Many resumes are scanned and then searched through Applicant Tracking systems (ATS).

This software scans resumes for optimal keywords and makes an initial accept or reject decision! That’s why having your CV drafted by one of our Professional CV Writers in UAE will ensure you’re passing both the automated system and first contact HR Resume screening!

That’s why our CV writers follow strict guidelines for your CV writing services in Dubai.

Check our Ultimate UAE CV format Guide and how to pass the ATS systems

cv applicant tracking system ats uae - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE
key points hr looking for in professional cv in uae - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

What Questions HR & Recruiters in UAE my ask while Reviewing your CV?


Here is why Professional CV writing comes in handy! Our Professional CV writer makes sure that your CV is consistent and you’re well presented with concordance!

Most recent role:

Was this fired or laid off? Has this candidate been in their part for only a few months? Is the most recent role relevant to the position?

Overall Experience:

Is there a career progression? Do the titles make sense? Does the candidate demonstrate increasing levels of responsibility? Do the duties listed match the duties of the new position?

The impact of your Keywords while Writing a Professional CV for UAE


You see, it’s Science! It’s what the HR are created for!
They are looking for inconsistency, gaps, and errors in your CV to make sure they are not falling victims for asking you in for an interview! We all make an  Honest and innocent mistake from time to time, but not when it comes to HR, and Good luck explain that to them!
It is Professionalism and Consistency are critical factors in Ranking your CV whether you’re a job seeker or apply for a promotion!

importance of keywording in professional cv writing - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE
professional resume cv dos - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

Professional CV Writing DOs


Remember the 6 seconds rule? First things first

We will show you what are the Dos and Don’ts our Professional CV Writing in the UAE follows. Recruiters tend to follow a consistent visual path when reviewing resumes, so an organized layout is fundamental:

Put format first:

  • Use a healthy and clean visual design, Avoid dense blocks of text, Use plenty of white space, Triple check spelling and grammar.

Get organized:

  • List your experience in chronological order starting with your current job, List your skill sets underneath the position you used them in N/A

CV Dos Most Important!


Identify your achievements:

Save bullet points to call attention to your most noteworthy and relevant accomplishments.

Recall relevant skills and contributions using CAR: Challenge, Action, Results

Show leadership:

List any leadership experience Recruiters look for candidates who take

Initiative and propose new ideas.

Cut down:

Ask a friend to help you pare down excess text

dos for professional cv writing dubai - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE
uae cv writing dos importance of powerful right words - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

CV Writing Secret Ingredient: Words!


Here’s a list of most important words to use and to avoid while writing any CV for Jobs Vacancies, Promotions or Proposal.

A Professional CV Writer will always put front of his eyes the best powerful words & keywords to use and the worst of words and phrases to exclude.

CV writing Don’ts


Taking a short cut or trying be smart won’t help you, so many job seeker losses their only opportunity to find the job due to bad resume!

So many well competent candidate won’t get promoted because their resume didn’t take what it needs to show as good for that position or promotion.

Do follow the Dos and Don’ts while considering CV writing because why have only once chance, so don’t lose it!

cv donts when resume writing for united arab emirates - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE
dos and dont summry while writing cv for emirates - Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

Summery of DOs & Don’t for CV Writing Services in UAE

  • Create a balanced and objectively-written resume reflecting valuable insights as job seeker in UAE.
  • While CV writing consider easy-to- read format using content that is grammatically correct.
  • Highlight as a job seeker strengths and special features in an appealing manner
  • Streamline your personal professional goals and objectives.
  • Eliminate unwanted information that is irrelevant from the employer’s & recruiter point of view in United Arab Emirates

Enjoy our CV Writing Services in UAE


After setting the records right about the guidelines that our Professional CV Writers using such as Dos and Don’t while writing a Professional CV Writing for Candidates and Job seekers in United Arab Emirates,  we hope you find it useful for your own personal resume writing as well.

Need some help with writing your CV?

Let us do the hard work for you, Check out our Professional CV Writing Services in UAE, Read our FAQs, and Sign up today!

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