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Do you want to Rank on Top of Are you one of the job seekers who used to apply for hundreds of job but never heard back from employers or maybe at best go just one or two calls after months of continuous job applying?

Now it’s no more! in This article we are going to game the system to get ahead of the competition and we are going to do that by fooling their ranking algorithm. Yes, that’s true. is the primary choice for most companies here in Dubai. And because they are one of the bigger players in the market you can expect a lot of competition.

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How to over smart system and Rank your Resume on Top?

rank your cv top get job dubai bayt - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of you apply for a job on its internal ranking Algorithm tries to rank you and tries to judge your capability for the job role. Which is dumped to me. So, here’s what we are going to do.

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7 Steps: How to beat your competition at and rank on top!

  1. Find a suitable job that you’re interested in and capable for.
  2. copy the job description.
  3. Go to your CV and Paste the job description in your experience section.
  4. Copy the specialty from the job description, and paste it on your CV.
  5. Refresh the page and apply for the desired Job.
  6. Delete the job description from your CV Experience section.
  7. Repeat by finding a new job to apply for using steps from 1 to 6.

Let me show you an example for before and after this trick.

apply job before after bayt dubai uae - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of

This is a job that suits my experience and I am capable for. Before this trick I’m simply going to apply just to show you the difference in my job application rankings. the lesser the better.

And my Rankings were 119 out of 473 candidates. Which means there were 118 candidates who’s the system ranking them better than my CV. Then I am ranking 14!

helpful tips6 - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of if you applied earlier for a job and it’s still active then you can “UN-APPLY” then follow the steps above from 1 to 6 then apply for the job again and you’ll see the huge ranking difference.

Now let me demonstrate it for you how to get your calls and interviews and find your job in Dubai by using this technique that I’m teaching you.

Get your CV noticed by employers on Step by Step Demonstration

  1. Find your desired job. Only apply for the job you’re capable of doing and you have sufficient experience with it. You can out smart the system so the employers can notice you, review and read your resume, but can’t out smart the interviewers once you meet them. So be wise and careful. Apply for the job you are capable of.applying job bayt dubai uae - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of
  2. Copy the job description. You’re going to copy the entire job description as it is.
  1. Go to your CV on and Paste the copied job description as NEW experience (Add new job experience).adding new job cv - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of
  2. The position: in the company you’re applying for should be the same as a job title. Paste it into the new added job experience. and just add the Job title once again somewhere in the experience.
  3. The “Job Rule’ needs to match the one on the job description. So, scroll down and towards the bottom of the job where you can find “Job details” you’re apply for, for example it says the job rule is marketing and PR. Then you need to select marketing and PR.job details - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of
  4. Company name: does not matter
  5. The industry: It’s preferable to have the same as in the Job Details for example “Information Technology”
  6. Company size: does not matter.
  7. Location: should be the target location that you’re looking for a job in. So in this case nearby is the city that I’m looking for a job in.
  8. Date: it does not really matter. But keep it the oldest job experience. So no one notice any difference it your resume.fill job form bayt dubai - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of
  9. Save: Click save to update your CV.
  10. Copy the specialties (if existed): Go to copy all the special specialties into your profile then Save.job specialities - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of
  11. Refresh and I’m going apply.

So with this simple trick that I was able to do in two minutes I was able to improve my ranking from 119 to 14 more than 100% improvement in couple of minutes!

This is incredible. because it will just change the open rate by 100%.

Do you want to apply for more jobs?

No problem. Just remember once applies for the desired job on, go back to your profile and delete the experience you just copied it from the job description.

When you delete the experience it won’t change anything because your ranking is created when you apply for a job.ranking stay same bayt dubai uae jobs - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of

It does not keep re-scanning the ranking. So once you have applied for the job then you’re free to delete the added experience without it affect your job application rankings.

You can apply for tens of jobs this way.

tips - Get Job in Dubai: How to Rank Your CV on Top of Your ranking is only affected when new people apply for a job. So if there is another candidate applied for the job his/her experience is going to be compared with your experience. And our CV relevance will be compared and based on that.

That person is going to be ranked better than you or worse than you. But even after deleting your experience your ranking will not change.

Important: to get hired you need to apply only for jobs that you are actually eligible and capable for.

I don’t want you to do it for jobs that are completely out of your experience and completely out of the blue because that might get your CV read but it won’t really help you want to get the objective of this trick is to get interviews and eventually to get your job in Dubai.


Now you know how to rank top on Make sure to do this technique and get as many calls as possible, and because your CV is going to be read, make sure your CV is as optimized as possible.

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Happy Job Hunting.

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